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Caring for your children’s teeth and gums is crucial from an early age. Although primary (baby) teeth are not permanent, they require the same care you give adult teeth. Otherwise, premature loss of baby teeth can lead to improperly aligned or damaged adult teeth. Cavities or infections in baby teeth can also make eating difficult, leading to malnourishment. As a general dentist who enjoys treating patients of all ages, Dr. Forcioli understands the importance of good dental care and pediatric oral hygiene even before the first baby tooth emerges.

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When Should A Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

Your child’s first dentist visit be at around six months to one year old. Although their first tooth may or may not have erupted, Dr. Forcioli will examine your child’s gums, teeth, cheeks, and jawbone for misalignment and other abnormalities. Tethered oral tissues will be examined as well such as lip and tongue ties. He will check for proper growth and development and review your child’s at-home dental care with you.

When Should A Child’s Teeth Come In?

Although six months is typical for a child’s first primary tooth to emerge, there is plenty of leeway. Some children do not get their first tooth until 12 months. Others may be just a few months old when the first tooth erupts. Most children have all their baby teeth by age three.

What if My Child’s Teeth Come In Early or Late?

Children grow and develop at different rates. It is usually not a problem if your child’s teeth come in late or early. However, if your child is 18 months or older and no teeth have developed, a visit to the dentist is in order.

Why is Juice Bad for Children’s Teeth?

Juice, even fresh-squeezed juice, is high in sugars and acid. Bacteria in the mouth mix with sugars and create acid. Acid erodes the enamel on the teeth, leading to cavities and tooth decay. The minimal nutritional benefit from most juices does not outweigh the potential damage to children’s teeth. Good pediatric oral hygiene requires vigilance about what your children eat and drink on a day-to-day basis.

What are Healthy Drinks for Children’s Teeth?

The best drink for children is water. It keeps them hydrated and does not damage the enamel on their teeth. It can also help wash away sugars and acids from other foods and beverages. If your child wants something with more flavor, mix a sugar-free sports drink with water or opt for sugar-free drink mixes such as Crystal Light. You get the delicious taste without the sugar or acid and your children will not develop a taste for sugary sweetened beverages.

Are Pacifiers Bad for My Child’s Teeth?

Pacifiers and thumb sucking are self-soothing behaviors important to a child’s development and feeling of security. In the first few years of life, they do not affect your child’s teeth. However, if they still use them after their third birthday, talk to Dr. Forcioli about ways to minimize the habit. Once the permanent teeth come in, excessive use of a pacifier or thumb sucking may shift teeth out of alignment and lead to airway or breathing issues. For toddlers, this is not a concern.

We are committed to providing exceptional children’s dental care starting early and continuing throughout their lives. To schedule your child’s first dental visit, contact us at Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentistry Office Phone Number 630-627-1495 or use our online form. Dr. Forcioli and team look forward to meeting your entire family!

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