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Dental Cleanings and Checkups

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Caring for your teeth is essential to maintaining a healthy smile and good oral health. At Forcioli Family Dentistry, we recommend having your teeth cleaned professionally every six months. Our dental hygienists identify plaque, cavities, and other problems before thoroughly cleaning your teeth. If they discover a problem, they will arrange for a consultation with Dr. Forcioli to discuss a treatment plan. Patient education is also crucial to your oral health. Our hygienists will provide you with the information you need to properly care for your teeth at home.

Are Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings Necessary?

Regular checkups ensure minor dental problems don’t evolve into major dental issues. It’s easier to spot problems and observe changes in your teeth and gums over time if we see you regularly. The longer a cavity, cracked tooth, or gum disease are left untreated, the more difficult and more expensive it can be to treat them. Dental cleanings help prevent these problems and give you a healthier, brighter smile.

Other benefits include:

  • Healthier bones and gums.
  • Longer-lasting teeth.
  • Early detection and treatment of cancer and other oral health conditions.
  • Beautiful, healthy smiles.

What Happens Without Regular Teeth Cleanings?

Failure to keep up on proper oral hygiene can lead to:

  • Difficulty chewing.
  • Bad breath caused by periodontal disease and/or trapped food particles
  • Negative impact on heart health.
  • Swollen, painful, or bleeding gums.
  • Infections.

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What Will My First Dental Checkup Include?

We ask that you plan to spend an hour with us for your first dental checkup. We want to give you, as a new patient, the time and attention you deserve. We’ll get to know you during your first appointment and develop a treatment plan that addresses your personal oral health needs. Our friendly team will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Most first-time dental checkups follow a standard protocol:

  • Dental History – Your hygienist records your dental and medical history and asks any relevant questions to build a complete picture of your current health, including any medical conditions impacting dental treatment.
  • Digital X-rays – Digital x-rays are taken to get a clear picture of your teeth and gums. This diagnostic tool is vital to spotting early abnormalities and treating them effectively. If you have had x-rays taken within the last 12 months, please have them sent to our office.
  • Cancer and Health Screening – Our goal is to protect your health. We screen for several types of oral cancer, checking for lesions, discoloration, and other indications of early-stage cancer. We also check for symptoms of illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease that are frequently linked to poor oral health.
  • Exam and Teeth Cleaning – Your hygienist checks for tooth decay, plaque, loose teeth, and other issues. They evaluate your gums, measure periodontal pockets with a specialized probe, and clean your teeth. Tartar, plaque, and calculus are removed.
  • Education – To ensure your teeth and gums are well cared for after leaving our office, your hygienist will review the appropriate steps to care for and protect your teeth.

The Teeth Cleaning Process

Professional teeth cleaning starts with removing plaque, a thin film easily removed by brushing. Your dental hygienist then uses dental instruments to remove tartar, a hardened form of plaque that cannot be brushed away. Your hygienist can reach and clean all teeth surfaces, including the difficult to reach areas between your teeth and along the gum line where bacteria lurk.

We may complete the cleaning with prophy paste. The coarse quality of prophy helps scrub away any remaining plaque, then dissolves into a finer texture that rinses away. Prophy paste leaves your teeth shiny and feeling smooth. Throughout the cleaning, we explain the process and indicate where plaque and tartar have built up so you can focus on those areas when you brush and floss. You will leave the office with cleaner, healthier teeth you can easily care for between now and your next cleaning appointment.

Are There Different Kinds of Dental Teeth Cleaning?

Family teeth cleanings all follow the same format. You may hear the term “Prophylaxis,” which refers to the routine teeth cleaning you should have every six months to keep your family’s teeth healthy and prevent disease. Prophylaxis means “preventing disease,” which is what periodic cleaning is – a way to prevent dental disease.

You may hear other procedures referred to as “cleanings,” but these aren’t part of a standard dental health routine. They are periodontal treatments focused on treating, rather than preventing, specific issues:

  • Full Mouth Debridement—a pre-cleaning for those with severe calculus build-up.
  • Scaling and Root Planing—a deep cleaning for those with early stages of gum disease.
  • Perio Maintenance—a periodontal cleaning for those with a history of gum disease.

Preventing Tooth Decay with Proper Oral Hygiene

It’s essential to take care of your teeth and gums between professional cleanings to prevent tooth decay.

  • Brush and floss twice daily.
  • Schedule family teeth cleanings and checkups twice a year.
  • Avoid sugar and acidic foods and beverages.
  • Talk to us about cleaning supplements and aids.
  • Contact our office any time you have persistent tooth or gum pain.

The Cost of Teeth Cleaning Lombard IL

Dental insurance may cover most of your teeth cleanings. After all, not maintaining good oral hygiene will most likely lead to astronomical costs down the road, as failure to keep up with teeth cleanings often leads to serious and expensive health problems.

Family teeth cleanings are essential to good health. We work with you and your budget and help you navigate insurance benefits so you and your family can protect your oral health now and in the future.

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