Invisalign®: A Brand New Smile by 2024

smiling female holding invisalign trayMany people love the idea of straightening their crooked teeth but hesitate to follow through. They have concerns about the results, how noticeable the braces will be, and, most importantly, how long the process takes. With Invisalign®, most patients can complete treatment in about a year. That means if you get an appointment in the first half of this year, you can have a brand new smile in 2024!

What Makes Invisalign Different?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of unsightly, uncomfortable brackets and wires, you wear a nearly invisible, clear acrylic aligner that fits snugly over your teeth and gently guides them into position. You switch to a new aligner every few weeks until your teeth are in the desired position. Studies have shown that the results are more predictable and last longer with Invisalign than with traditional braces. Dr. Forcioli has implemented digital scanning at the office with the most up-to-date technology using the Itero® scanner. This technology allows us to make 3D models of the mouth which are used to design each aligner of your custom Invisalign treatment plan with extremely high precision.

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Nearly invisible
  • Custom fitted by Dr. Forcioli
  • It can be removed for eating and brushing
  • No risk of snapped or twisted wires
  • More comfortable than braces
  • More predictable results
  • Works more quickly than traditional braces
  • Fewer trips to the dentist are required
  • Easier to keep your teeth clean

How Invisalign® Delivers Quick Results

Treating mildly to moderately crooked teeth can take two or more years with traditional braces. However, Invisalign aligners, when worn 22 hours a day, can improve your smile in as little as six months and typically less than 15 months. Most patients wear the aligners for about a year. This is a huge advantage if you want faster results for an upcoming special occasion like a wedding.

The design of Invisalign aligners allows them to correct issues such as poor spacing and rotated teeth more effectively and quickly. Each aligner tray is customized to precisely fit your teeth throughout your treatment as your teeth slowly shift. Every few weeks, you move on to a new tray that perfectly fits the new position of your teeth and continues the progression toward the desired results. This constant progression without having to visit your dentist for adjustments to brackets and wires is more efficient and less time-consuming while giving you beautiful results.

Getting a New Smile in 2024

If you’ve been putting off getting braces because it takes too long and is too uncomfortable, stop procrastinating. Invisalign is comfortable, quick, and virtually unnoticeable to others. The process is simple and doesn’t require as many appointments during treatment, making it ideal for those with a busy schedule.

Dr. Forcioli will explain the process in detail, take digital scans of your mouth, and create a treatment plan that clearly shows you the final results you can obtain using 3D computer software. These images are used to create customized aligner trays that you can begin wearing within a few days. If you consistently wear your Invisalign® aligners, you will have a gorgeous new smile in 2024!

To schedule an Invisalign consultation with Dr. Forcioli, please call Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentistry Office Phone Number 630-627-1495 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!